Secure your bike when you’re away


Generally when people are on holiday they used to park their bike in some parking area but that is still not safe and chances are bike might be get stolen. And sometimes users forget the exact location of their parked bike.

So, Goal is to design an experience to help the user locate their locked bike and be informed if it moves. The experience should also help in preventing their parked bike and other vehicles they own from being stolen while they go on a holiday.


There are exclusive expert teams all over the…

Anyone who works in UX for travelling services, knows how significant it is to gather information from travellers to have better understanding in completing the project.


Customer of TravelEasy travels a lot, but they never know exactly when they need to leave for the airport.

Multi-stage Fitness Test

Few screens clubbed together as a Hero
Few screens clubbed together as a Hero
Yo-Yo App Screens


The Yo-Yo test was created by Luc Leger of the University of Montreal way back in 1983, as a simple running test designed to test a person’s fitness levels. Over 30 years later it’s still in popular use because it remains a great way to measure a person’s all-important VO2 max levels. So, what does the Yo-Yo test involve? Simply, the test involves running back and forth between two points 20m apart. Each run must be synchronised with a pre-recorded audio track which plays BEEPS (the test is also called a beep test) at regular intervals.

Over the course of…

Vivek Raj Bhatnagar

Senior User Experience/ Product Designer, India

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